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Adam Blye

Prada Don Dada

aka SEO Manager

Aira Lajom

Local Link Hero

aka Local Link Building Specialist

Airene Maano

The Single Mom Specialist

aka Local Link Building Specialist

Ajri Sylhasi

Smiley Acoustic Cover-er

aka Software Engineer Intern

Alan Champlin

Chicken Comma Chaser

aka Content QA Editor

Alex Oravitz

Intergalactic Craftiness

aka Strategic Partnerships Account Manager

Alex Trenchard-Smith

HTML Craftsman

aka Web Developer

Alexander Prykhodko

Night SEO Specialist

aka Technical SEO Lead

Alexander Sukhovetskyi

SEO Ninja

aka Technical SEO Lead

Alice Pohuliai

Goals Catcher

aka Technical SEO Manager

Allison Soper

Real-Life Daria

aka Digital Analytics Manager

Allyssah Palacol

Writing Fairy

aka SEO Assistant

Amy Heigel

Manager of the Tacos

aka Social Media Manager

Andreea Predescu

Lady of all KPIs

aka Project Manager

Anne Fonda

Grammar Generalist

aka Content Writer

Ash Buckles

Captain of Couch Karaoke

aka Senior Director of SEO

Barbara Thomas

Contented Writer

aka Content Writer

Blin Kazazi

Resolves Merge Conflicts

aka Director of Development & Engineering

Brandon Caballero

Jack Sparrow

aka Director of Analytics & CRO

Brian Mossman

Digital Jedi

aka Director of Sales

Brian Sintay

Alphabet Reorganizer

aka Content Writer

Caroline Boden

Miss Congeniality

aka Junior On-Page SEO Editor

Cassandra Hutcheson

PPC Bricklayer

aka Paid Search Specialist

Charina Jane Untalan

Small But Not Terrible

aka Local Link Building Specialist

Christopher Pratts

The Efficient Researcher

aka Content Production Specialist

Constantin Naktsynskyi

Big Funny Guy

aka Software Engineer I

Cristina Voicu

Process Dumbledore

aka Process Manager

David Oppenheim

The Saint

aka SEO Account Manager

Denis Slava


aka Technical SEO Specialist

Denis Terekhov

HTML Slayer

aka Software Engineer I

Denys Khodishchenko

Wordpress Slayer

aka Software Engineer I

Dimitar Krumov

Google Decepticon Fighter

aka Technical SEO Specialist

Dimitar Radev

Google Whisperer

aka Technical SEO Specialist

Dmitriy Kravchuk

The Holy Support

aka Software Engineer I

Dmytro Ohnevchuk

Reco Master

aka Technical SEO Specialist

Egzon Hasi

The Debugger

aka FrontEnd Developer

Elizabeth Faiko

Fitness Fangirl

aka Technical SEO Specialist

Eugene Vozbraniuk

Man Machine

aka PHP Developer

Gina Grant

Cash Money Y'all

aka Junior Accountant

Gina Ibarra

SEO Sorceress

aka Managing Editor

Grace Adato

Website Chastizer

aka SEO Analyst

Greg Herrmann

Guardian of Knowledge

aka Senior Manager of Learning & Development

Hunter Hall

Liker, Commenter, and Subscriber

aka Junior On-Page SEO Editor

Ian Johnson

GMB Guru

aka Local SEO Manager

Ihor Muravshchyk

Yii2 (Yes It Is) Ninja

aka Software Engineer II

Irenell Datulayta

Camp Half-Blood Outreacher

aka Junior Online Marketing Specialist

Ivan Pasteruk

Mr. Rebuild

aka Software Engineer I

James Bregenzer

WordPress Ninjaneer

aka Website Support Technician

Jason Covert

Mix Master Jay

aka Creative Director

Jason Hennessey

Amazon Prime Member

aka Founder & C(S)EO

Jayanthi Pathapati

Happy Mom Add Coffee

aka Assistant R&D

Jeffrey Garay

Outreach Master

aka Junior Online Marketing Specialist

Jessica Rowe

Spreadsheet Expert

aka Director of Client Services

Jill Wenk

Engagement Agent

aka Director of People Success

Julia Mann

Silent Grammar Corrector

aka Strategic Partnerships Account Coordinator

Kaily Prince

Feline Enthusiast

aka Junior Designer

Kailyn Champlin

South Park Goth Kid

aka Content QA Editor

Kait Willis

“Fill in the blank”

aka CRO Data Analyst

Kameron Kennemer

Ambassador of Quan

aka Sales Specialist

Kathryn Lundberg

Disney Cast Member

aka Executive Assistant to Jason Hennessey

Keith Frawley


aka Creative Lead - Paid Media

Kristin Tufano

Multitasking LEGO Ninja

aka Human Resources Manager

Landon Deforge

Music Nerd

aka Designer

Lauren Valko

Wordsmith Drowning in Dog Hair

aka Content Writer

Leeann Haywood

Semi-Useful Fact Generator

aka Geographic Information Systems Analyst

Liz Feezor

Professional Goofball

aka Lead Storyteller

Lynne Morioka

Word Nerd

aka Content Writer

Marian Mursa

Astrordinary Ship Captain

aka Vice President of SEO

Mariana Tykha

Quiet Publisher

aka Technical SEO Specialist

Mary Martinez

Reptile Wrangler

aka Editor

Matt McLean

Internet Service Provider

aka Director of Strategic Partnerships

Michael Brazile

The Riesling King

aka SEO Account Manager

Michael Candelario

Resident Clown

aka Content Writer

Michele Patrick

First Lady of Finance

aka Chief Financial Officer

Miranda Perry

Stranded Time Traveler

aka Content Writer

Monica Baicu

SwEettOoth Fairy

aka Project Manager

Nathalie Pierre

SERP Wrangler

aka SEO Account Manager

Neiell Paradiang

Code Mercenary

aka Python Programmer

Nigel George Montecillo

Phantom Assassin

aka Junior Online Marketing Specialist

Nova Mae Felisco

Marketing Demigod

aka Junior Online Marketing Specialist

Oksana Prykhodko

Coffee Drink Expert

aka Technical Lead SEO

Olya Mamaevskaya

Talented Who Hires Talent

aka Recruiter

Peter Manzano

Shadow Fiend

aka Local Link Building Specialist

Radoslav Krumov

All Things Tech

aka Technical SEO

Rafael ‘Raf’ Henriquez

The Fifth Ghostbuster

aka Director of Content Strategy

Remarc Balisi

Code Blooded

aka Python Developer

Reynald Peñola

Beer Destroyer

aka Publisher

Rob Coleman

Defying Gravity

aka Director of Business Development

Roma Macahiya

Quality Nap Connoisseur

aka Graphic Designer

Roma Slobodian

PHP Magician

aka Software Engineer IV

Roman Atamaniuk

Code Atlas

aka Developer

Roman Tomishin

Professional Fork User

aka Publisher

Ronald Arguilla

Will Work for Food

aka Local Link Building Specialist

Ruslan Ruban

Kitty Assistant

aka SEO Specialist

Scott Shrum

Distributor of GIFs & Puns

aka President & Chief Operating Officer

Shelby Golden

Word Wrangler

aka Content Writer

Shreyosi Mukherjee

Shakespeare Nerd

aka Content Manager

Simina Buturuga

BlaBla Prodigy

aka Content Manager

Stanislav Ivanov

Big Data Heavy Lifter

aka Data Scientist

Steve Sanborn

Studio Steve

aka Hennessey Studios General Manager

Steven Galli

Assistant to the Regional Manager

aka Associate Account Manager

Surbhi Kumar

Peppa Pig Viewer

aka Senior Digital Analyst

Tara Smith

Sr. Ctrl-z Specialist

aka SEO Specialist

Taulant Bajrami

Coffee Into Code

aka Software Engineer I

Timothy Shin

SPARTAN III Super Soldier

aka Content Writer

Tom Crandall

Gear Masher

aka SEO Account Manager

Travis Brown

Cat Butler

aka Paid Search Specialist

Vasyl Pidluzhnyi

Freestyle Dev

aka Developer

Vitaly Bereza

Fast Turtle

aka Technical SEO Specialist

Whit Kinser

Local Search Demi-God

aka Director of Local SEO

Whitney Welch

Poodle Collector

aka Podcast Producer

Xronis Aggelis

Automation Guru

aka SEO Specialist

Yana Bilousova

Border Breaker

aka Technical SEO Specialist

Yaroslav Oleksiuk


aka SEO Specialist

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Hennessey Digital launched the content strategy for HealthGAINS to target the right audience.

After years of being victimized by negative SEO tactics and with no signs of improving, HealthGAINS looked to...

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Ben Crump

1000% increase in site ranking since coming to Hennessey Digital.

The Hennessey Digital Creative team gave the Ben Crump website a fresh look and feel that truly represents his brand as a powerhouse in civil rights...

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Ambient Edge

16,700 ranked keywords and $65,000 in monthly traffic.

Before our partnership, their website performance was flat, ranking for 1,100 keywords and an $823 per month traffic value...

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