Ash Baker


Ash Baker

The ASMRtist SEO Project Manager

Team Member Since 6/27/2022

TOP WORK STRENGTHS: Project oversight, timeline management, attention to detail

MY FAVORITE THINGS: The Sims, Call of Duty, bad reality TV, my senior dogs and cat, making social media content

Ash Baker is an SEO Project Manager for Hennessey Digital. A seasoned project manager within the SEO space with nearly a decade of experience, she has held positions in almost every component of digital marketing for select agencies, including Account Manager, Content Writer, Social Media Specialist, Graphic Designer, and QA Specialist. Ash finds search engine optimization to be her ideal industry as it’s constantly new, exciting, and ever-changing. She has managed projects small and large for clients in industries such as medical, home services, law, real estate, agriculture, and industrial and always aims to keep project timelines on track whilst developing and implementing more efficient processes for future projects.

Ash is a wife, mother, gamer, artist, and content creator in her time outside of work. She can often be found conceptualizing and creating ASMR videos for TikTok and YouTube, diligently making a replica of every person she’s ever met in The Sims, and making up songs to sing to her son (about bath time, diaper changes, and making bottles) to the tune of “Jolene” by Dolly Parton.

On my bucket list:

To write an autobiography

My hero is:

my best friend Trey, he has been through a lot of traumatic things in his life and keeps on going when others wouldn't be able to

Favorite food of all time:

Cheese - of any kind


My #1 HD Core Principle

Make It Fun; Don't Be a Jerk - For many people, work isn't a fun place to be. This one is my favorite because we spend so much time with our work family that having fun and being respectful is the key to success.

My Fav Song

Our Clients Could Hire Anyone.

Here’s Why They Stick With Us: