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Paid Media

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Get Fast Results With PPC Advertising & Paid Media Experts

Get Fast Results With PPC Advertising & Paid Media Experts

Everyone wants to see a quick return on their marketing investment, but not all methods are created equal. Search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing can take time to generate traffic, leads, and sales.

PPC advertising gives you fast, focused results by boosting your visibility wherever your customers are online.

But paid media is more than just “boosting” a single Facebook post or targeting one keyword on Google. It takes an expert team to research, strategize, execute, and optimize a paid media plan. The Hennessey Digital Paid Media team does paid media right, and at a budget you set.

Before you buy your next Google ad or do a paid social campaign, let’s talk.

Let Our Team Show You How the Right Paid Media Strategy Can:

Expand your reach

Expand your reach

Lower your cost per lead

Lower your cost per lead

Give you fast ROI on<br>your marketing spend

Give you fast ROI on
your marketing spend

Paid Media Is Easy With
Hennessey Digital.

Tell us your goals and we’ll handle the rest.

Keeping up with changing technology and how people consume information online is a challenge, but targeting your ideal customers has never been easier.

Let Hennessey Digital do the heavy lifting for you: we make it simple to understand and create strategies that drive leads so you can focus on your business.

We start by finding where your customers are online. We ask the right questions to target your audience on the channels they’re looking for information and create campaigns around your goals.

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Once the campaign runs and the results are in, we make it better. Using conversion rate optimization, we A/B test parts of the ad (or landing page) to optimize results for more clicks, often at a lower cost per lead than our competitors.

Our search engine marketing (SEM),  remarketing and digital paid media campaigns target and reach prospective clients on search and social platforms.

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Our Paid Media Services

Keyword Research and Implementation
Display / Banner Ads
Audience Creation and Targeting
Local Service Ads
Ad Creation
Paid Social Media
Landing Page Creation
Conversion Rate Optimization
Emerging Channels
Transparent Reporting & Analytics
Insights & Optimization
Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)
Paid Media Budget Management

How Much Do Paid Media Campaigns Cost?

Paid media campaign costs vary, and setting a budget aligned with your goals and auction prices of your desired targets is crucial to your campaign’s success. It’s important to know that the fee you pay (or the “cost per click”) varies depending on the competition level for targeted keywords, the precision of your paid search ad targeting, and other factors.

Since costs can vary vastly by category, the best way to get a close estimate of what your PPC ads will cost is to work with a paid ads specialist who will look at the keywords you want to target, the ad competition within your niche, and the strategy for your ad targeting.

Give ‘em the
Hennessey DigitalOne-Two Punch.

PPC advertising gives you short-term results with targeted campaigns.
Organic & Local SEO is the best long-term strategy to drive traffic to your website.
Together, Paid Media and SEO are your digital marketing one-two punch, knocking out the competition in paid and organic search.
SEO and Paid Media with Hennessey Digital: it’s the knockout that will leave your competitors wondering what hit ‘em.
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