Law Firm Digital Marketing

Law Firm Digital Marketing

It’s Your (Legal) Competitive Advantage

You Have To Fight To Win Online.

The legal industry is competitive.(Like You Didn’t Know)


We got our start doing SEO for lawyers, and we’re here to help you succeed.

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We put numbers on the board, and our results speak for themselves. Check out our case studies to see how we’ve helped law firms win.

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Beat the competition with the best in the digital marketing business.

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The most expensive keywords out there are legal industry keywords.

Don’t believe us? Google it. (We’ll wait.)

Running a law firm isn’t easy, and the competition for qualified leads and signed cases is tough. We get it.

Our founder and CEO Jason Hennessey has been reverse-engineering the Google algorithm for over 20 years, and our agency focuses on SEO and digital marketing for the legal industry.

Being an attorney is hard enough. Let us make it easier with a digital marketing strategy to win online.

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Why Do I Need Digital
Marketing For My
Law Firm?

Many of us are constantly online, and that’s not looking to change post-pandemic. How people shop and look for information has changed, and online marketing is crucial to the success of your business.

Internet marketing works in tandem with traditional marketing methods like outdoor advertising (billboards, bus ads) and broadcast advertising (TV and radio) to tell a cohesive brand story. Your law firm’s brick-and-mortar location must be represented online—and that’s where Hennessey Digital comes in.

If you want to get noticed online, you need a range of digital marketing strategies – from your website to social media and more – to generate traffic, engage your audience, and turn clients into fans of your business. Digital marketing gets you more qualified leads and signed cases.

Law Firm Practices We Serve

Personal Injury Law Firms
Car Accident Law Firms
Family Law Firms
Medical Malpractice Law Firms
Bankruptcy Law Firms
Civil Rights Law Firms
Mass Torts Law Firms
and many more!

A New Breed of Legal
Digital Marketing

At Hennessey Digital, we take a holistic approach to digital marketing by offering a range of services. This allows us to help our clients attract traffic and customers from a variety of channels.

We start by auditing law firms’ existing marketing campaigns and websites to find the gaps and lay out a strong marketing foundation. Our in-house experts in SEO, paid media, creative services, and content marketing get to work, attracting new customers month after month.

(And we’re always looking for top talent to join our team, so if you’re a digital marketing pro looking for a new gig, check out our Careers page for our job openings!)

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Welcome to Hennessey Digital, the agency you wish you’d hired first.

Win in the marketplace with a holistic approach to digital marketing for law firms.
You’ve tried the rest. Ready to work with the best?