Content Marketing

Content Marketing

The Right Words to Inform, Inspire, and Win

Great content is the secretto SEO success.

Think about the websites you visit again and again. Is it because they have an appealing design or pretty photos? Chances are you go back to the same sites because they have what you’re looking for. Great websites inform, educate, and inspire you to take action through high-quality, relevant content.

Content marketing powers your SEO strategy. It builds trust with search engines by using the same language that customers use when they do a search.

Does your website have a blog or services pages to guide readers to what they need? You need fresh, unique content produced regularly to keep users coming back to your site with answers to their questions.

Hennessey Digital’s team of writers, editors, and SEO strategists create content that gets you ranking on search engines — and winning against your competitors.

For Your Content To Rank,

It Must Delight.

High-ranking content does two things: it gives the search engines what they need and gives readers what they want. With Hennessey Digital, you get both.

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Customized SEO strategy.Our SEO and Content teams work closely to identify your target keywords, build an SEO strategy around your goals, and answer the questions your potential clients are asking Google.

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You control the content pipeline.Our writers produce as many pages of content per month as you need depending on your goals and budget set by you.

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Giving you the competitive advantage.We use proprietary methods and popular tools to research the terms you want to rank for. We also look at your competitors to strategize ways to beat them in search.

What Can Content Marketing DoFor My Business?

Simply put, content marketing fuels your SEO.

When users do a Google search, they’re looking for answers. A robust library of well-written, comprehensive content builds credibility for your brand and creates authority as you add each new page of content to your website.

Valuable, relevant content involves strategic keyword use (no keyword stuffing!) and satisfies what users need and what search engines look for in queries.

High-Quality Content:

  • is unique, in-depth, and compelling
  • contains accurate information
  • is written clearly and professionally
  • answers users’ questions quickly

Why Does My Website Need New Content?

  • Great content gets to the “why” behind the query and anticipates the next question readers may have. When your content gives users what they want, the search engines reward you with high-ranking pages.
  • Fresh content is indexed by search engines quickly — and older, irrelevant content ranks lower.
  • We do the right research to understand what users currently need and write unique, click-worthy content that converts passive visitors into leads. We also refresh older legacy content pages with new insights and updated statistics to keep visitors coming back to your site.
  • Your website needs timely content that answers users’ questions to rank consistently in search.
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Supercharge Your SEOwith Hennessey Digital.

Your website needs technical SEO expertise plus killer content that hooks readers and solves their problems — all while staying up on keyword trends, optimizing metadata and title tags, and linking to and from high-authority sites.

Easy, right? Don’t worry. We got you.