Vivid Vision 2024

Vivid Vision 2024

Year in review


It’s December 31st, 2024 and we’re reflecting back on the year we’ve just had…

Hennessey Digital now has 325 team members spread across the globe. We’re still very much a 100%-virtual company, with hubs in Los Angeles, Atlanta, St. Louis, Austin, Las Vegas, Ukraine, Kosovo, and Romania. The leadership team meets quarterly in one of the hub cities for team building and coaching.

The functional areas of the organization are thriving and driven by strong leadership and our culture of innovation, transparency, and fun.

Year In Review


After becoming the most talked about name in legal marketing, we also now work with clients in other industries, including travel, finance, SaaS, home services, auto, and e-commerce. We currently work with more than 400 full-service clients (primarily U.S.-based), including more than a third of the top 100 most aggressive marketers in the legal space
(“The A-List 100”).

Real Rating

Our client retention rate is the highest among all of our competitors. When clients describe Hennessey Digital on review sites, words they use include dedicated, advanced, ethical, accountable, responsive, and simply “Hennessey Digital gets it.”

Client Services Team
Eye HD

Our clients now have so much transparency via the Hennessey Digital Platform that we’ve limited our calls to a bimonthly cadence. Account Managers provide their clients with updates and quick wins via 10-minute videos through the Platform.

Client Services Vacation
Hennessey Digital Brand

We’ve closed two acquisitions in the last two years, including a PPC company and a PR agency that have substantially expanded our size and scope of services. We now offer PR services and do this for a significant number of our clients.

Client Services Member
Year In Review Technology

Year In Review


Most of our clients’ websites now run on our own Hennessey Digital Platform CMS.


Launched &

Hennessey Digital Platform ®

Continue Success
Through Evolution

2nd Annual

in Pristina, Kosovo

Our team of engineers just celebrated the launch of V4 of our proprietary keyword clustering and content strategy automation tool. Clients are extremely happy with this technology because it’s the first tool of its kind that leverages data from search console, analytics, chat, form submissions, and third-party tools to help develop content silos and strategies.

The Hennessey Digital Platform continues to evolve through innovation and makes us more efficient, transparent, accountable, and effective in the work we do. Our Client Services engineering tickets are completed in less than one day on average, and we’re known for being able to spin up a client’s website in one week. Clients also love the intake accountability scoreboard in the Platform where we help our legal clients track, score, and improve their intake response time along with their lead-to-signed-case closing percentage.

We just had our second annual hackathon in Pristina, Kosovo with our talented developers where we were able to build a proprietary tool to boost page speed scores and reduce load times for our clients.

Culture and Awards

Year In Review


In describing what it’s like to work at Hennessey Digital, the words our team members use on Glassdoor include “stimulating,” “brilliant,” “challenging,” “fast-paced,” “ethical,” and “caring.” We’re considered one of the most desirable employers in our space, and many open positions are filled in less than a month.

Hennessey Digital Employees are regularly celebrating 4-5 year “Henniversaries” while continuing to grow in their skill sets and career progression.

Time off

Our benefits continue to improve. We now offer all team members 5 weeks of paid time off plus 1 extra week of paid time off to volunteer in their local communities, and no one in our industry provides better medical, vision, or dental coverage.


We launched an internship program that provides college students the opportunity to gain hands-on digital marketing experience. The work that dozens of interns do makes a meaningful contribution to not only us, but our clients as well.


We have been named to Fortune’s Best Places to Work list for each of the past two years, and we’ve made the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America for 6 consecutive years.
Our Creative team has won a second consecutive Webby Award for aesthetic design.

Abstract Horse

Year In Review


For our financials, we closed 2024 with $32 million in revenue with $5 million in profit before taxes. We now make more than half of our revenue from paid media management.

Hennessey Digital now has more than 150 clients that pay us a monthly retainer for SEO consulting and coaching services. We have a small team of consultants devoted solely to this work.

We now have a 7,500-square-foot investment property that overlooks the ocean in Maui where we send high-performing team members for one week at a time with their families, giving them time to relax, unplug, and make memories. During off weeks, we rent it out as a vacation rental.

Our Finance team secured us a multi-million dollar line of credit, but we haven’t really needed to tap into it. We’ve also brought on a full-time general counsel and a banker on staff to handle all merger and acquisition inquiries.

Year In Review

A family of Companies

It’s been a huge year for everyone.

Hennessey Studios
Hennessey Studios

Hennessey Studios closed out the year at just under $20 million in revenue with $3 million in profit before taxes. We just opened up our third location in Atlanta, and our Miami and Hollywood locations are busier than ever. We have a team of 75 over the three locations and are currently in the due diligence stage to acquire a social media & influencer marketing agency based out of Los Angeles.

JH Podcast

Produced at Hennessey Studios, The Jason Hennessey Podcast just recorded its 250th episode, and we just signed a letter of intent to purchase land in Georgia to build four 25,000-square-foot sound stages. We have two different venture capital and private equity firms looking to give us money to scale this successful proof of concept.

JH Podcast

Hennessey Ventures continues to flourish. The Hennessey Digital dashboard has solved so many internal problems that we turned it into a standalone SaaS product called that 250 law firms pay a monthly fee to use. We now have more than 1,500 law firms’ websites (mostly small practices who aren’t full Hennessey Digital clients) running on one of our 12 free WordPress themes. EsquireX Protien Bars has an office in Scottsdale, AZ and is generating 100 signed cases per month, through organic and paid, that we are referring to different co-counsel partners. We acquired a premium domain and have partnered with industry colleagues to build a site that competes with, leveraging our collective teams, experience, and core competencies. is the most visited gig site for lawyers, and we get calls about acquiring us on a monthly basis. is one of the most popular nutrition-related sites on the internet and is manufacturing and selling 25 different bars. We now have our protein bars in Target and Walmart.

At, we now have many leaders contributing content to the site on a monthly basis. Only Search Engine Journal is more popular. It’s amazing to see so many influencers wearing “I Love SEO” t-shirts at industry conferences and events, and we’re currently in early stages of planning the inaugural I Love SEO Conference to be held in Atlanta.


Another big year with the best people in the industry.

We can’t wait to check in on December 31, 2027 and see what incredible things have happened since then!