A top Los Angeles trial lawyer hired Jason Hennessey’s team to grow the firm through more leads and by targeting new law practice areas.

Simmrin Law Group is a DUI and criminal defense law firm serving southern California for 20 years. See how Hennessey Digital has helped them increase leads and grow their caseload.

The Challenge

Michael Simmrin is a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer who loves to help people. When he started the firm years ago, he knew he wanted to practice criminal defense law and expand his practice into other areas.

Simmrin Law Group wanted to land more quality leads and higher verdicts while scaling the firm to grow into new legal practice areas and serve more clients.

Our Strategy

When Hennessey Digital began working with Simmrin Law Group, the firm’s website performance had been flat. The site had many technical issues and an old site design no longer served the client’s needs.

As their law firm SEO agency, we looked at historic data, lead volume, site structure, content and more to come up with a scalable, holistic SEO strategy. Our objectives were to improve the firm’s search rankings on Google, enhance user experience, and grow the firm.

The Hennessey Digital team completely rebuilt and redesigned and created a robust content strategy. We also filmed strategic video content to accompany key FAQ pages on their website, further improving user engagement and SEO.

With quality leads coming in, Simmrin Law Group has expanded and Michael Simmrin gets to do more of what he loves: defend people and help them in difficult circumstances.


DUI and Criminal Defense

After Hennessey Digital

The Results

  • Organic traffic up 169% year-over-year
  • Steady increase in lead form submissions and calls, with lead form submissions up 143% and calls up 107% YoY
  • 500% increase in Impressions and clicks YoY

Simmrin Law Group’s digital marketing goals were met and exceeded, and the firm has more expansion on the horizon. They’ve added full-time employees to handle the increased caseload from all the leads coming in, and Michael Simmrin is well-positioned to add new practice areas to the firm.

Simmrin Law Group

“Knowing that Jason Hennessey and his team do what they do has allowed me to make the moves that I’ve made in my career.”

Michael Simmrin