Sue The Collector

A national brand in the competitive debt collections legal
category needed to increase organic traffic to get more leads.

Sue The Collector

Sue The Collector is a national debt collection lawsuit funding organization. This legal industry segment has a competitive online market for high-value leads and cases.

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The Challenge

Sue The Collector is a resource for victims who are being harassed by collection agencies, and empowers them to fight back.

The value of these cases can be high, and Sue The Collector is in a competitive legal niche. Our challenge was simple: get the client more leads and signed cases by increasing organic search traffic to

Our Strategy

We migrated Sue The Collector’s website to the WordPress Genesis platform and implemented a new SEO strategy. Hennessey Digital’s content writers strategically developed content to increase each page’s SEO value. Our Creative team reimagined Sue The Collector’s website to maximize the conversion rate for the site.

After Hennessey Digital

The Results

  • 2 Seven-Figure Cases

“We now know that it’s worth the investment.

Jarred Johnson