Alisha Ways


Alisha Ways

SERP Dreamer Content Strategist

Team Member Since 6/6/2022

Alisha Ways is a Content Strategist for Hennessey Digital. She’s passionate about contributing to the success of her team, and above all, exceeding client expectations.

After earning a B.A. in Journalism from California State University, Northridge, she embarked on a not-so-direct journey into digital marketing. From e-customer service to proofing international video game artwork, she worked in a variety of fields before becoming a website copywriter. A desire to constantly learn helped her discover the ins and outs of SEO content strategy. She loves Featured Snippets and enjoys the dopamine hit from discovering when a successful strategy has helped a client gain a lead on their competition.

Alisha is married and hopes to have a cat one day. In her free time, she enjoys picnicking, visiting museums, exploring new restaurants, and playing ping-pong and tennis.


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