Abenezer Nigani


Abenezer Nigani

Software Engineer Wizard Software Engineer I

Team Member Since 1/8/2024

TOP WORK STRENGTHS: - Diligence and a strong work ethic - Innovative problem-solver - Effective team collaboration

MY FAVORITE THINGS: Enjoying acoustic music evenings, exploring new destinations through travel, and experiencing new activities.

Abenezer is a Software Engineer skilled in front-end development with React JS, Vue JS, and React Native. He graduated from Addis Ababa University with a BSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Abenezer has contributed to multiple projects with a focus on creating dynamic and responsive interfaces. Outside work, he’s passionate about traveling, enjoys movies, and finds inspiration in podcasts. This blend of technical proficiency and diverse interests reflects his holistic approach to both work and leisure.

On my bucket list:

Sky diving or visiting Antarctica

If I could sing or play an instrument like anyone, it would be ...:

It would be Ludovico Einaudi. His music is simple, yet it really speaks to the heart and tells beautiful stories.


My #1 HD Core Principle

"Stay Nimble; Never Stop Learning" is my favorite. It shows the importance of adaptability and continuous improvement, which are key factors for success.

My Fav Song

Loyalty by Kendrick Lamar

My Fav Movie


My Fav Inspirational Speech

"You can't connect the dots forward but only backwards." - Steve Jobs

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