Aleksandar Pesovski


Aleksandar Pesovski

Interwebs Mechanic Software Engineer III

Team Member Since 2/14/2022

TOP WORK STRENGTHS: Persistence, patience, thoroughness

MY FAVORITE THINGS: Spending quality time with friends and family.

Aleksandar Pesovski is a Software Engineer for Hennessey Digital. Alex has many years of web development experience in designing, programming, and testing software and web applications on different platforms (primarily WordPress CMS). He has worked on more than 50 projects from concept to realization, and he regularly improves his knowledge and skills to keep up with the latest technologies in development and design.

Alex is a huge dog lover and has two beautiful and cute rottweilers, Arkus and Kiara. In his spare time, he likes to stay away from screens and tech in general and tinkers with mechanical things.

On my bucket list:

Retire at 40.

Favorite food of all time:

Lobster or seafood in general


My #1 HD Core Principle

Stay Nimble; Never Stop Learning! One of the greatest things about being part of our team is that we do new things on a daily basis, which is so important for me to be always on top of things!

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