Taylor Bynum

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Administrator of Chaos Management

aka Paid Media Coordinator

Taylor Bynum is a Paid Media Coordinator for Hennessey Digital and is a detail-oriented individual with a diverse range of professional interests. She graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism with a concentration in Entertainment and Media Studies, and since graduating a few years ago, Taylor has enjoyed exploring her career from multiple vantage points. Taylor has worked in sports broadcasting for several years now and continues to do so in her spare time, and in recent years, she developed an interest in digital marketing, most recently working for a digital agency focused on the real estate and financial industries. Working in two different media sectors gives Taylor the diversity in her daily life that she thrives on… no two days are ever the same!

Taylor is a very family-oriented person, so while she enjoys many hobbies like reading, traveling, cooking, cycling, or watching a great TV show or film, her favorite way to spend time is with her husband and their extended families. She’s a very visual and auditory person, so while she might not be the best at remembering names right away or where she last put her car keys, she can almost always be trusted to recall a movie/TV quote and where it came from, especially if it came from the TV show “Friends.”

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