Nikka Suan


Nikka Suan

Support Ambassadress Senior Administrative Assistant

Team Member Since 2/7/2022

Nikka Suan is a Senior Administrative Assistant for Hennessey Digital. With a track record of initiative and dependability, she takes pride in strategic initiatives that have perfected her customer service and networking abilities. Nikka is a dedicated Administrative Assistant with over 7 years of experience in coordination, planning, and support of daily operational and administrative functions. Brainstorming sessions, which allows her to plan and coordinate activities, is her kind of jam.

She is a sucker for organizers, planners, and alarms to keep her life organized, but has learned a thing or two from being a tad more spontaneous. During her free time, while busy being a full-time fur mom to an energetic labrador, she also paints while listening to podcasts about conspiracy theories, true crime, and society/culture.


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