Leke Cermjani

HTML Programmer Software Engineer I

Team Member Since 3/9/2022

TOP WORK STRENGTHS: Fast worker, fast learner, writes clean code.

MY FAVORITE THINGS: Traveling, going to party and fishing.

Leke Cermjani is a Software Engineering for Hennessey Digital. Born in Gjakova, Kosovo, Leke was passionate about technology even as a young boy. He’s always been interested in computers and the way they operate, so given his love for technology, he decided to take programming courses and studied computer science at university, where he started taking small steps towards a career as a developer.

Leke is also a car enthusiast, so in his spare time he works on modifications and maintenance for his own car.

My hero is:

My hero is myself because without myself I would not exist.

Favorite food of all time:

Rizoto with shrimps, pizza and pite with meat.


My #1 HD Core Principle

Be Honest and Transparent.

My Fav Song

My Fav Movie

My Fav Inspirational Speech

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Bogin, Munns
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Sue The Collector

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Top Class Actions

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