Kurt Kennedy

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Kurt Kennedy

Search Success Guide SEO Account Manager

Team Member Since 2024

TOP WORK STRENGTHS: Analytical, Creative, Collaborative

MY FAVORITE THINGS: Cooking for my family, camping in Northern Michigan, and developing games with my daughter.

Kurt Kennedy is an SEO Account Manager at Hennessey Digital where he leverages his expertise in digital marketing to help clients succeed. He has refined his skills in web development for more than 15 years, building upon an extensive background in graphic design, computer science and SEO. Kurt enjoys helping clients understand every stage of the SEO process, from the initial steps to technical updates and beyond, and how it can make their websites successful.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Kurt enjoys camping in Northern Michigan with his wife and daughter, experimenting in the kitchen, developing virtual reality games, and immersing himself in a diverse array of literary works, from novels to comics.

On my bucket list:

To eat at The Fat Duck (Heston Blumenthal's Restaurant) in the UK

If I could sing or play an instrument like anyone, it would be ...:

I would play Piano like Glenn Gould. I've never had the opportunity to learn an instrument, and the piano has always been my favorite.


My #1 HD Core Principle

Stay Nimble; Never Stop Learning. Staying ahead of the curve is important, just like Google's ever-evolving algorithms. Staying nimble enables quick adaptation to new trends and technologies, ensuring relevance and success.

My Fav Song

Two of Us by The Beatles

My Fav Movie

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

My Fav Inspirational Speech

Our Clients Could Hire Anyone.

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