Kathryn Lundberg


Kathryn Lundberg

Disney Cast Member Executive Administrator to Jason Hennessey

Team Member Since 9/28/2020

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TOP WORK STRENGTHS: Kind Communicator, Ninja Multitasker, Nothing's-Impossible Positive Thinker

MY FAVORITE THINGS: Sailing, family time, cooking, watching sunsets

As Jason Hennessey’s Executive Administrator, Kathryn is passionate about working behind the scenes to help Jason fulfill his mantra: Action creates results. She tackles administrative tasks to clear space for Jason so that he has the time and creative energy for innovation. Her background in ghostwriting and editing uniquely supports the plethora of dynamic responsibilities within this unique and fulfilling role. Before joining Hennessey Digital, Kathryn supported CEOs in numerous industries focusing on creating, implementing, and documenting systems which optimized their time and improved overall business and executive team efficiency.

The great outdoors is Kathryn’s favorite playground, and she enjoys hiking, snowshoeing, and gardening. As a certified sailing skipper, Kathryn loves exploring the tranquil, tropical seas. Her happy place is in her kitchen creating healthy gourmet meals for her family and friends.

On my bucket list:

Sail to the Mediterranean Sea to see amazing places in Europe by sea.


My #1 HD Core Principle

My favorite HD guiding principle is 'Do What's Right, Always' because I consistently see it demonstrated from the top to bottom of the org chart. It solidifies a foundation where everyone's committed to doing what's right, to the best of their ability. It empowers me to juggle the multitude of tasks knowing that I will statistically make mistakes, and even though I haven't figured out a way to defy the statistics, my co-workers are gracious in allowing me to correct the error knowing that I am striving to do what's right, always. I appreciate our no-blame environment where 'failing forward' is an accepted growth strategy. At the end of the day, we're a team striving to do our best for our clients, supporting one another, and growing alongside one another to be the best version of ourselves.

My Fav Song

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