Daniel Johnson


Daniel Johnson

Diehard Marinerd Senior Content Writer

Team Member Since 4/1/2021

TOP WORK STRENGTHS: Problem solving, creativity, unflappability

MY FAVORITE THINGS: Fiction writing, painting, cooking, eating, reading, watching TV, playing games (board, table, and video), sports (playing, watching, reading about, analyzing statistics of), and traveling.

Daniel Johnson is a Senior Content Writer for Hennessey Digital. He’s been working in digital marketing since 2020, but his writing experience goes back much further than that. Since writing short stories bound into books in the 1st grade, Daniel has had a passion for writing. He’s written dozens of short stories, self-published a novel, created a travel blog for his travels around Europe, and has written articles on a wide range of topics.

Daniel has had a varied career path, working over 20 jobs in nearly as many different fields. Most recently, before coming to Hennessey Digital, he owned and ran a hostel in Bucharest, Romania that he bought so that the cat he adopted while volunteering there would have a place to live. In his free time, Daniel enjoys everything food. He loves to cook, bake, feed guests, and most of all, eat. In the brief pauses between food-related activities, he can often be found painting in a style he has dubbed “squigglism.” Daniel travels as often as he can, loves board games, watches far too much television, keeps statistics of everything, is obsessed with sports, and is a hopeless fan of the Seattle Mariners. He primarily works from his couch in the apartment that he shares with his partner Timea and their two cats, Fram and Lenina.

On my bucket list:

To have a cartoon character based off me.

My hero is:

My hero is Steven Paul Jobs. I've always looked up to him. His vision and understanding of creating a product that'll change people's lives always fascinates me. He is and always be an inspiration for me.

Favorite food of all time:

Anything Indian like curry and biryani


My #1 HD Core Principle

Make It Fun, Don't Be a Jerk - I think that is the best guiding principle in life in general.

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