Teodora Radu


Teodora Radu

Anxious Fairy Content Strategist

Team Member Since 10/1/2021

TOP WORK STRENGTHS: Dependable, detail-oriented, and flexible

MY FAVORITE THINGS: I love anything that has to do with cats, watching documentaries and video games.

Teodora Radu is a Content Strategist for Hennessey Digital. She is fascinated by the ways the world works and the ways people think and interact. Teodora found most of her answers and views on life while studying Sociology at the University of Bucharest, and being a Sociologist, she learned a lot about how marketing and organizations work and decided to pursue a Masters degree in Marketing and Publicity. During this time, Teodora got her first job as a PR and Outreach Specialist where her passion for SEO developed.

Most of the time, you can find Teodora overthinking and drinking iced coffee. She loves to help anyone and everyone, from giving directions to strangers in the city to being a shoulder to cry on for all of her friends. In her free time, if she’s not walking in the park, you can probably find her multitasking: playing video games while watching TV shows, scrolling Instagram, and listening to music. She loves when people count on her and she will get any job done!

My hero is:

My hero is my mom, as cliche as it might be. She raised me to be the person I am today, always encourages me to pursue my dreams and taught me how to be kind, to be grateful, and to be the best person I can be, just like her.

Favorite food of all time:

Probably pasta. I could eat any type of pasta, any day, my whole life.


My #1 HD Core Principle

My favorite core value is Make it Fun; Don't Be a Jerk. I think it goes without saying that this principle helps create a great environment and one of the most important things to me is being nice and kind to everyone.

My Fav Song

My Fav Movie

My Fav Inspirational Speech

Always be a little kinder than necessary.

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