Kailyn Champlin


Kailyn Champlin

South Park Goth Kid Content Coordinator

Team Member Since 2/21/2018

TOP WORK STRENGTHS: Editing, writing, project management


Back in 2010, after telling everyone she was “done with school” when she earned her B.S. in 2005, Kailyn decided to pursue an M.A. in Liberal Arts from Stony Brook University for two reasons: 1) she was willing to do whatever it took to succeed as a writer, and 2) she was bored. This was a smart choice. Before joining the Hennessey Digital team as a Content Writer, Kailyn used the skills she learned from her advanced degree to curate an impressive portfolio, wherein she wrote, proofread, and edited content ranging from blog posts about dog breeds and wedding venues to landing pages for nursing pillows and legal services. It’s a safe bet that if you need content created, Kailyn can create it (unless it’s about cars).

When Kailyn’s not writing or editing content, she works as a practicing mother, mediocre legal secretary, and passionate co-organizer of an online film club. During the 3.5 minutes she has to herself each day — when the work’s done, the kid’s in bed, and right before she passes out — Kailyn enjoys crafting (especially crochet), watching whatever’s streaming, reading, and gaming.

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Do What's Right, Always, because it's the one I'm always recognized for.

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