Egzon Hasi


Egzon Hasi

The Debugger Director of Engineering

Team Member Since 11/30/2020

TOP WORK STRENGTHS: Communication, problem-solving, management

MY FAVORITE THINGS: Music and movies

Egzon Hasi is the Director of Engineering at Hennessey Digital. Born in Tirana, Albania, Egzon was raised in Kosovo and has always been interested in computers and the way they operate, building computers from the ground up in his spare time. Given his love for technology and mathematics, he decided to study Computer Science at university where he started taking the small steps towards a career as a developer. He won the Erasmus+ scholarship where he continued his studies in Nova De Lisboa.

In his spare time, Egzon likes to read, hang out with his friends, code funny things, and learn new programming languages.

On my bucket list:

Visit the United States

My hero is:

As Matthew McConaughey said; it's me in 10 years!


My #1 HD Core Principle

Stay Nimble; Never Stop Learning. We work and learn from others, and if we do not know how to do a certain thing, we keep improving every day!

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