Stevey Beall


Stevey Beall

Dalmatian Lover Content Strategist

Team Member Since 7/25/2022

TOP WORK STRENGTHS: Adaptable, personable, and fast-thinking

MY FAVORITE THINGS: Running, going to the beach, wine tasting, hanging out with friends, dogs

Stevey Beall is a Content Strategist for Hennessey Digital. She studied English in school and has been in the SEO and digital marketing space for almost two years, and Stevey enjoys incorporating her writing skills with SEO best practices to achieve tangible results for clients.


Stevey is a SoCal native and currently lives in Los Angeles, right in the heart of Hollywood. She was a cross-country runner and still loves long-distance running as well as hitting the beach and local wine tasting rooms. She’s an animal lover and enjoys sinking her teeth into a good movie or book. Stevey is a pescatarian but will occasionally make an exception for a good turkey sandwich. One of her favorite musicians is Stevie Nicks but the shared name is just a fun coincidence!

Favorite food of all time:



My #1 HD Core Principle

Make It Fun; Don't Be a Jerk. I like this one because I think it's important to maintain an element of fun in your work environment. Additionally, knowing everybody gets stressed, I think everyone should make their best effort to approach conversations with colleagues as kindly as they can.

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