Kristine Hyman

Client Services

Kristine Hyman

Client Whisperer Director of Client & Creative Services

Team Member Since 1/18/2022

TOP WORK STRENGTHS: I have a strong sense of urgency, a keen intuition, and strong communication skills.

MY FAVORITE THINGS: My dogs, music, ice cream and the outdoors.

After nearly a decade in client services with Brainlabs, Kristine comes to Hennessey Digital to apply her skills to the Director of Client & Creative Services role. Her kindergarten teacher once wrote that she “enjoyed having Kristine in class,” but by the end of the day, “her ears hurt.” Kristine turned her gift for gab into a career, with a strong focus on client-facing positions from sales to client services. She graduated from Purdue with a degree in food science, which does not explain how she got into digital marketing, but does make for an interesting work history. She loves all things client services and enjoys the challenges it presents. Helping her clients in good times and tough times keeps the job varied and fulfilling.

When not working, Kristine loves hanging out with her dogs outdoors or just snuggling on the couch watching trashy reality TV shows. She also enjoys spending time with her young adult children (Christopher and Alexa) when they decide to spend time with her. Hiking and meandering through antique shops to browse and relax are also on her list of things she loves to do.

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