Keith Frawley

Paid Media

Keith Frawley

Creatologist Creative Lead - Paid Media

Team Member Since 4/29/2020

TOP WORK STRENGTHS: Creativity, problem-solving, and adaptability

MY FAVORITE THINGS: Skateboarding, Volleyball, Graphic Novels

Keith is a seasoned and insatiable creative with a proven track record of bringing complex ideas into slick and successful campaigns. Along his journey to Hennessey Digital, Keith has creatively problem-solved for clients across the industry spectrum from entertainment to manufacturing; from ad agencies to publishing. His past client humblebrag was working with JLo, Russell Simmons, Penguin/Random House, Simon & Schuster, and Dreamworks. Those companies are still in business, and Keith likes to think he had something to do with that.

Keith moonlights as an illustrator for picture books and games, and he is featured monthly in Highlights Magazine. The next time you’re in a dentist’s office, look for his illustrations!

As a child, Keith spent most of his time daydreaming and drawing pictures. As an adult, Keith is somewhat hairier: he has a dog named Lily, and she’s even hairier, if you can believe it.

On my bucket list:

Snowboarding in Jackson Hole, Utah

Favorite food of all time:

Bacon wrapped in bacon dipped in chocolate.


My #1 HD Core Principle

Complacency is the enemy of progress. With technology's exponential pace of growth, I chose to Stay Nimble; Never Stop Learning!

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