Hadley Appleton


Hadley Appleton

Your Friendly Neighborhood Animal Lover SEO Content Writer

Team Member Since 6/12/2023

TOP WORK STRENGTHS: Ability to work independently, Fast-learning, Efficient

MY FAVORITE THINGS: Caring for my pets, all things scented (candles, wax melts, essential oils), reading and creative writing!!!! I also weirdly love doing laundry.

Hadley lives in Northwest Arkansas and graduated from the University of Arkansas with a bachelor’s degree in English.

She recently married her best friend in October of 2022, and their little family consists of her, her husband, and their two wiener dogs, Pippin and Finch. Her hobbies include reading and writing (as she is a self-professed grammar nerd), enjoys caring for her dogs and donating/volunteering at local animal shelters.

Fun trivia bit about me:

I've been an extra in several movies!

On my bucket list:

Scuba diving

My hero is:

Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation, because I love her positive attitude and drive!

Favorite food of all time:


If I could sing or play an instrument like anyone, it would be ...:

Lady Gaga because she's amazing!


My #1 HD Core Principle

Do What's Right, Always! I love it because I'm always trying to do what right, whether it's within work or just life in general, and it's super important to uphold your personal integrity no matter where you are.

My Fav Song

Until I Found You by Stephen Sanchez

My Fav Movie


My Fav Inspirational Speech

Dreams don't work unless you do.

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