Timea Barabas


Timea Barabas

Onion Overlord SEO Content Writer

Team Member Since 9/1/2021

Timea Barabas is an SEO Content Writer for Hennessey Digital. Over the years, she has gained vast experience through writing in different forms, be it copywriting, book reviews, or short stories. Timea is a published writer in academic books and journals, tackling fringe sociological subjects like traditional tattooing practices. This is a topic that remains of close interest, as in her Ph.D. studies, she has pursued prison tattoos within a sociological framework.

A wandering spirit, Timea enjoys traveling and exploring the hidden gems that lie on and off the beaten path. She also relishes sharing life’s adventures with her partner. In her free time, she often joins forces with their two cats in plotting mischief. Timea strives to stay deft both on a professional and personal level, as proven by the fact that she learned to ride a bike at the age of 28. She is never afraid to be afraid, and Timea demonstrates this with her eagerness to climb aboard any Ferris wheel she sees and cling on for dear life.


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