Justin Najar


Justin Najar

Word Wizard Content Strategist

Team Member Since 6/28/2021

TOP WORK STRENGTHS: I have a strong ability to learn new things, adapt to changing circumstances, and to make things fun.

MY FAVORITE THINGS: I like to play music and write. I also think I like to try out new restaurants, but really I just like going to the same ones I already like.

Justin Najar is a Content Strategist at Hennessey Digital. He lives in Las Vegas and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Seattle University. His mother always said he was a good writer and he didn’t care much for numbers, so he started writing for a living in late 2014. Before joining Hennessey Digital, Justin worked at an inbound marketing agency ranked as the top HubSpot partner in the state of Nevada. Prior to that, he worked at a company that specialized in websites for real estate companies. There, he worked as a writer and then as a keyword specialist, building campaigns that get clients to rank on Google from the ground up.

When he’s not writing for his job, Justin is usually writing and collecting music instruments that he sometimes plays. He enjoys listening to and playing music, and getting enough sunshine, and notes that he and his sister have been cursed with expensive taste.

On my bucket list:

Get a Grammy (lol)

Favorite food of all time:

Dark chocolate


My #1 HD Core Principle

Stay Nimble; Never Stop Learning.

My Fav Song

My Fav Movie

My Fav Inspirational Speech

Even Jackie Chan takes them down one at a time.

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