Shkamb Kurshumlija


Shkamb Kurshumlija

Technology Freak Software Engineer Intern

Team Member Since 9/20/2021

TOP WORK STRENGTHS: Fast, friendly, and ready to help.

MY FAVORITE THINGS: Gaming and watching movies or tv shows

Shkamb Kurshumlija is a Software Engineer Intern at Hennessey Digital. His interest in technology started at age 6 when he played games on his dad’s laptop and has grown from there, from learning hardware and coding in high school to networking in college. Shkamb is excited to learn more about technology with experience on the Hennessey Digital Engineering team.

Outside of work, Shkamb loves to be creative: design, gaming, and apps like Sketchup give him the freedom to build his own thing and have fun. He’s a lifelong FC Barcelona fan and would love to see a live match at the Camp Nou stadium, and he’s also a big fan of sweets and desserts.

On my bucket list:

Do crazy things.

My hero is:

Elon Musk. Not actually that kind of hero who saves the world or anything but I like his style and I like where he is going.

Favorite food of all time:



My #1 HD Core Principle

Make It Fun; Don't Be a Jerk

My Fav Song

My Fav Movie

I don't have a favourite one.

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