Natasha Guy


Natasha Guy

Resident SEO Unicorn Senior SEO Team Lead

Team Member Since 5/16/2022

TOP WORK STRENGTHS: Organization, "Vibe Checks" - noticing when something is off, Adding a sprinkle of fun

MY FAVORITE THINGS: Unicorns!, Anything magic(k) related, Russian Roulette Paint Parties - wee!

Natasha Guy is a Senior SEO Team Lead for Hennessey Digital. She brings experience in content editing, writing SEO-optimized content, and creating award-winning SEO campaigns and is driven by an enthusiasm for helping others shine. Natasha lets her curiosity lead the way to expanding her knowledge and strives to surround herself with those who meet her own standards – be your very best while acknowledging and remembering your work affects all those around you!

Just as in business, in her free time, Natasha follows her number-one rule for all relationships: don’t make each other look stupid! Whether celebrating National Unicorn Day on April 9 or reading tarot/oracle cards to help others lead their lives with more knowledge, that rule governs all her interactions. She truly embraces and brings magic to all ventures. If you can’t find creativity in what you’re doing, she doesn’t think you’re trying hard enough!

Favorite food of all time:

5-Alarm Chicken Wings!


My #1 HD Core Principle

Do What's Right, Always - It's so important to remember we are not *just* here to get paid. What we do affects our clients and their employees and all the livelihoods that rely on them, and in turn, us! Most times, when you do what is right, even if it's a sucky move no one really wants to make, everyone can walk away knowing we left it all on the line to attempt success.

My Fav Song

I Am Light by India.Arie

My Fav Movie


My Fav Inspirational Speech

The Universe is always conspiring in my favor.

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