Michael Candelario

Hello... My name is




Resident Clown

aka Content Writer

At Hennessey Digital, Michael sometimes writes content, sometimes edits content, sometimes helps out on paid media projects, and always loves his Content team. He’s a self-published author of fantasy and sci-fi books (and a collection of short stories) who started at Hennessey Digital as a freelance writer and has been writing SEO content ever since.

Mike earned his bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing and a minor in Philosophy from Appalachian State University in the beautiful mountains of Boone, North Carolina. He now lives in a small apartment with his wife (Megan) and three children (Asher, Reid, and Ivy), and he keeps having to tell them not to buy a pet.

At home, Mike sometimes writes fiction, sometimes writes poetry, constantly reads several books at once, often drinks black coffee, consistently tries to get his family members to play board games with him, and occasionally plays video games on his PlayStation. A few things he needs to get off his chest: it’s pronounced GIF, not JIF, the Oxford comma is essential, and the interrobang makes more sense and looks far better as “!?” than as “?!”

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Bogin, Munns & Munns

Hennessey Digital launched the content strategy to push Bogin, Munns & Munns onto page 1 for many high-value keywords.

Founded in 1979 by two brothers, Bogin, Munns & Munns is a law firm with a...

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Ben Crump

1000% increase in site ranking since coming to Hennessey Digital.

The Hennessey Digital Creative team gave the Ben Crump website a fresh look and feel that truly represents his brand as a powerhouse in civil rights...

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Ambient Edge

16,700 ranked keywords and $65,000 in monthly traffic.

Before our partnership, their website performance was flat, ranking for 1,100 keywords and an $823 per month traffic value...

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