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Kevin Au

Doc. Opt SEO Team Lead

Team Member Since 5/23/2022

TOP WORK STRENGTHS: Team player, Innovative, Resourceful.

MY FAVORITE THINGS: Musician & Concert goer, Football(soccer), and all things nerdy.

Kevin Au is an SEO Team Lead for Hennessey Digital. A graduate of SUNY Buffalo majoring in Public Communications and PR with minors in Graphic Design and Psychology, Kevin was also a student athlete, playing college soccer all four years which instilled leadership and time management skills. With nearly a decade of marketing experience, Kevin has become an adaptable and versatile specialist having worked with hundreds of clients in every industry, from law firms to alpaca breeders.

When Kevin is not in the office, you can find him playing with and caring for his animals, including two cats, a dog, and two geckos. When he’s not being an animal dad, Kevin’s hobbies include reading and writing, going to concerts and listening to music, playing and watching soccer, gaming, cars, or hanging with his adorable niece and nephews. He also spends way too much money on collecting shoes, music gear, vinyl, and continuing his training to become a Sith Lord (in his dreams!)

On my bucket list:

See an El' Classico and Portugal National Team play, Travel to Europe, Japan, and New Zealand. Attend a Wrestle-Mania, become a Sith Lord ( a fair one), graduate from Hogwarts as Top Boy, Help Frodo destroy the ring.

My hero is:

My parents. Came from nothing, built a beautiful life for my brother and I while remaining not only humble, but giving. Lucky to have them.

Favorite food of all time:

Cheeseburger - a royale with cheese.


My #1 HD Core Principle

Make It Fun; Don't Be a Jerk

My Fav Song

It's impossible to have just one!

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