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James Cant

Local Magician Local SEO Team Lead

Team Member Since 3/15/2022

TOP WORK STRENGTHS: Admitting when I don't know something, continual research and development in my position, and being self-disciplined

MY FAVORITE THINGS: I love breweries and hanging out with friends. Board game nights are also awesome to have. Basically, creating memories with my friends.

James Cant is a Local SEO Team Lead for Hennessey Digital. Four years ago, James decided he’d seen enough of the open road as a truck driver and joined a digital marketing company in hopes of carving out a new career path for himself. James found he had a knack for studying data and handling the nuances of Google Maps, which soon earned him the title of Local SEO Specialist. James truly knows his efforts make a difference for his clients at Hennessey Digital.

James works hard, so he plays even harder. When he isn’t working or researching, James is hanging out with friends, checking out the newest brewery, or planning the next big weekend trip. On slow nights, you can find James binge-watching anime or TV shows like Ozark.

On my bucket list:

One day I wish to become an expat and travel the world.


My #1 HD Core Principle

Be Honest and Transparent: This has truly changed my life. Many opportunities have opened up to me by just being open and honest with others. Trust is something not easily regained, and even if you feel you regained the person's trust, it won't be as strong as it once was before.

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