Izabela Florea

Spiritual Fairy Content Strategist

Team Member Since 9/1/2021

TOP WORK STRENGTHS: Quick learning, ability to adapt to changes, motivation

MY FAVORITE THINGS: Coffee and crystals

Izabela Florea is a Content Strategist for Hennessey Digital. Also known as the chaotic half of the Content Strategy Fairies duo and originally from Bucharest, Romania, Izabela studied at University of Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, majoring in Digital Marketing. Her passion for marketing began in her second year at University, where she got the opportunity to have a UK industry expert as her lecturer in one of the seminars she attended. Before working at Hennessey Digital, Izabela worked as a Front Office Supervisor at a 5-star luxury hotel in Central London.

In her free time, you can expect to see Izabela surrounded by lots of crystals, talking about astrology, and discovering herself through her spirituality. Her go-to coffee order is a grande iced latte with an extra shot of espresso and no sugar from Starbucks and, if gifted one, she will be sure to thank you, the Universe, her ancestors, and everyone around for this blessing. On the very rare occasions when she does go out, you will definitely see her in places where the music is good and she can dance until the sun comes up!

My hero is:

My father! No one believed in him because of his traumatic childhood and young adult years, but he always pushed through any boundaries to make life better for himself and me.

Favorite food of all time:

Hand-cut french fries with feta cheese on top and a fried egg on the side (Romanian comfort food)


My #1 HD Core Principle

Do What's Right, Always

My Fav Song

My Fav Movie

My Fav Inspirational Speech

You will only find true peace when you love yourself truly (my father's saying since I was little!)

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